Run an ICPC-Style Contest in Seconds

CloudContest provides a simple and cost effective way to run your next ICPC style programming contest. Fill out a few quick questions, and in minutes you'll have a fully functional running DOMjudge cluster.

Some of the major benefits/features:

  • Full access to your own private DOMjudge cluster
  • Automatically scales to any size contest without interaction
  • You own your data, receive a full database export and static scoreboard pages after the contest
  • Supports all common programming languages
  • Cost effective - Most contests cost less than $100
  • Effective dashboard to monitor your contest

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DOMjudge is the leading open source contest control system. It powers many of the world's ICPC regional contests and functions as a back-up during the ICPC World Finals.

We take care of the set-up and scaling of this so all you have to do is load in your contest specific information(such as problem set and team information).

DOMjudge Homepage(external link)

Automatic Scaling/Redundancy

Built on top of Amazon's powerful cloud infrastructure you can rest easy knowing that your contest will stay up and responsive no matter how many contestants you have.

We put in all the effort so your contest will run smoothly and you don't have to think about it at all.

Technical Details

Ease of Use

Answer a few simple questions about your contest and within minutes your contest cluster will be created. It doesn't get any easier than this.

Still need help? We now offer basic email support for any questions you may have, just send us an email at